About Stefan Sillmann

The human being

Stefan Sillmann


  I am an extrovert person with an unwavering belief in the goodness.

I am present, demanding and sometimes stressful for others (my wife says). AND … I am also mindful, conscious and appreciative to me and my environment.

I love to be with people, to talk and to work with them. From a professional point of view that is a great advantage, because I just follow my heart and do what I love to do and what I can best.

My motto:
There is rarely a bad thing, which does not include something good for me!

The Sportsman

Stefan Sillmann - Der Handballer

Handball is my life.

I’m borne in a handball family and have always focused myself to keep my goal clean. As a young boy I was always the fattest in the team, so I had to be the goal keeper.

And yet, or perhaps because of that I have managed to come up to the top. with a lot of talent and ambition. In the various national teams of the Hessian and the German Handball Federation, where I was allowed to play some international games. My last title I took just a view years ago: I was the oldest player in our local league.

Today I share my experiences with young goalkeepers in both sports soccer and handball. I also work repeatedly with handball players, football players and golfers (amateur and professional), on their mental strength.

The Banker

Stefan Sillmann – Der Banker

I’m still Banker…

Thank God I have ignored the recommendation of my math teacher in 1985, as he told me that I never have to take any job that has something to do with numbers! ‘

I became a banker and had a lot of fun supporting my clients that they reach their financial goals. Trained at BfG Bank AG in Hanau, I learned in 1989 in Frankfurt that forex trading is my business.

It was the time of Gordon Gekko, expensive suits and colorful braces. The capital market was pulsating, 6 days a week, 24 hours around the clock. I had the responsibility for own currency books and challenging goals I should achieve during one year.

In 1993 I moved to one of the largest US banks, Bank of America. Here I also had the opportunity to learn about the markets, in New York and London, and could give free rein to my strengths. With the help of my openness and extroversion I’ve built up my own customer base, which still exists today.

1999 was an abrupt end to the career at BoA. Within one hour allTeam-colleagues had to pack up the personal belongings and to leave the office. But this experience showed up as an important learning opportunity a view years later…

After a highly successful one-year-Intermezzo with the Dutch ABN Amro Bank, I joined at the end of 2000 the investment banking division of Dresdner Bank. For four more years my career was progressing further until –again- some changes became apparent. Alarmed by the personal experiences from 1999, this time I decided to do something beforehand. That meant, not to wait for my ‚fishing license’, but made a decision to take my life into my own hands and be proactive. … So I became a Coach.

The Coach

Stefan Sillmann - Der CoachIt starts with the education to become a Coach

My original goal, to be a banker and to coach a little by the way, turned out to be too small, to less, I wanted more.

I really wanted to help other people, so that they achieve their goals. That became my passion in a very short time. And so it was only a matter of time but even more of my own courage to make a decision that would give my life a whole new direction.

After finishing my education I decided on a fresh start and I turned my previous life upside down. I started at the age of 40 again and completely from scratch. I quit my job after almost 20 years as a banker and as a husband. Of course, I remained a proud father. And had the fortune, to have from now on a woman at my side, who wanted to go that route with me.

I ventured this jump into self-employment – as a coach and trainer. But I had to realize that I can not live, alone from coaching, at least initially! But as a Trainer! Very quickly, I then gathered my experience as a Trainer, especially with my subjects, the professional handling of interest rates and currencies.

I am particularly proud of the trainings, I was able to perform in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. But also about the engagements in Eastern Europe, such as in Bucharest, Budapest, Sarajevo, Mostar, or in Zagreb and Belgrade. This experience and my professional background helped me to be appointed as a lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Besides all the practical experience that I have gathered, it was important to me to continue to develop. Both professionally and personally. That’s why I’ve done training and coaching with the best in their field respectively. These mainly include Daniela and Claus Blickhan in the Inntal Institute, Michael Grinder from the US and Christian Bischoff, currently the best speaker in our industry.

And this is where the next big step is to go. I’ll expand my previous experiences as Speaker. It gives me so much pleasure to inspire people to have visions to achieve goals and to live their dreams. I have personally experienced exactly these points so much that I want to share this experience with many.

I am looking forward…