Train the Trainer

The professional appearance.

One of the things people fear most very top on the list is: to speak freely in front of a group of people. Behind often lies the fear of failure or making a fool of himself.

However for successful people this is in business exactly the activity nowadays in the repertoire of skills.

And to speak and present free is not that hard! All it takes is a good topic, a very good preparation, both professionally and mentally, and a few essential points that must be observed in order to deliver a convincing performance.

Content of active training:

  • Personal appearance
  • Rhetoric and Language
  • Convince and inspire
  • Methodology and didactics
  • group Dynamics


  • Depending on the scope and size of the group, this is an 1-3 days event. I also offer it as an open 1-day seminar
  • A practical use of various techniques is possible, depending on the duration

Next Date: on request
Location: on request



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