Individual and Team Coaching

Setting goals – reaching goals

Why do some people do not reach their goals and others do?

I see five key factors in my daily practice:

  1. There are no clearly defined goals
  2. There are not the right targets
  3. There is neither a plan nor a strategy to achieve these goals
  4. There is certainly no strategy should obstacles arise
  5. They give up to easily

In an individual coaching we determine the status quo, working on personal goals and as well on a specific plan. Of course we are working in the transformation and are looking on obstacles that may arise.

Ultimately the coaches realizes that it’s just himself, wether and how he achieves his objectives. I’ll support him with everything I have in capabilities.

A team is formed by the different strengths of its members

Each individual has its own targets, which he wants to achieve but that should be in the sense of the team goal. Each member of the team is taking responsibility for himself and contributes to the common goal.

In case of failures nobody akss: “Who is to blame?”, But: “What can I do to ensure that we reach our goal anyway?”

In a team strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members are known to each other. The weaknesses are compensated by the strengths of others.

A team is like a mechanical watch. If I take the smallest cog out because it might not be as strong as the other, or apparently has no such importance, the clock stops. Everyone on the team is important, and only if all wheels engage each other it’s running…

Content Team Coaching

  • Team building
  • Team dynamics
  • Team success
  • Changes

For whom?

  • Business
  • Sports

Your benefit:

  • Achieving goals
  • A powerful team
  • Best results at all levels

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