Sales Training

The holistic buying process

A business usually comes through when demand and supply coincide. Very easy actually. In fact, the whole process is much more complex. In the 70s we had a pure seller’s market. The demand and the need for all were large and the sellers had to cover only the needs.

Today we have a buyer’s market. The offer is huge, prices are transparent and the customer has spoiled for choice! In this case, the customer has neither an interest for the consultant, its products or its business. He is only interested in itself, its problems and its objectives.

Most people want nothing sold. But they love the feeling of having made a good decision. They are pleased with the new acquisition. It covers its own needs and bring them closer to their goals! And all at a reasonable price, so ….

The Consultant has obviously recognized and accompanies the individual decision-making process by asking good questions and listening even better. This process and its application in sales, consulting and service, you will learn in a 2-day hands-on training.

Your benefits:

  • More security and sovereignty in dealing with customers
  • Goal-oriented and structured approach
  • Security in price negotiations
  • Increase in sales
  • Seminar language English or German

Seminar language English and/or German

Next Date: on request

Location: on request


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