Mental game

The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your game.

  • Do you get crazy by interferences?
  • How long do you fret over a bad hit?
  • How often do you get angry about things that do not belong on the golf course?
  • How easily can you be influenced by these things?
  • How often have you sat already in the clubhouse and said: “This round today you can forget about”?

Let yourself fazed by nothing in the future and play your round. Experience how nice it is to stay cool and relaxed.

No matter what handicap you have, you learn and understand more about your own thinking patterns and thinking traps. Experience what it means to be calm and to play your game calmly and with joy.

“I have realized from the Golf Coaching much. Both in my game and professionally. I am much more focused, confident and become much more relaxed. All this has also helped that I become much more successful.“ (Feedback of Kretin Dürbaum)


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