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Executive as Coach

Every year renowned institutes carried out worldwide surveys on the subject of work motivation and job satisfaction. The main reason for high turnover in the company is the quality of leadership and management.

Lack of empathy, poor communication and a demotivating togetherness emerge in all the lists on top.

Every business needs – and wants independent thinking and acting employees. The problem, its executives did not let them. Here is a small example. Staff to Manager: “Boss, This doesn’t work!“ Boss: “Then do it this way…” Staff: “This does not work either” Boss: „Then try using that …”

In a forward-thinking company and executives with a coach attitude, the conversation would go like this. Employees: “Boss, this doesn’t work!” Response of the Boss: “And what are you doing now?”

To be at this point as a Boss, it takes a few steps that will be discussed and dealt with in detail in the following training.

Inhalte der Ausbildung:

Modul 1
 – Basics in Coaching

Modul 2 
- Communication skills

Modul 3 
- Empowerment

Modul 4
 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Modul 5
 – Transfer and final testing

Special – Train the Trainer Modul

Expiration five modules, each with two days. The modules are held in an approximately six-week rhythm.

Next Date: on request

Location: on request


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