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Become a professional Coach

Practice, practice, practice.

This is best description for the training. Within this apprenticeship different models and techniques will be presented and discussed. There are a number of practical examples, detailed exercises and plenty of opportunities to try out the effect of these models.

This training is more than just ‚a training’. It starts with a personal trip. To yourself, to your own resources, values, motives and goals. It leads to a deep and fundamental understanding of your own ego. Only now you’re also willing and able to work with other people and to accompany them.

Coaching means to accompany the coachee in his path. And since each of our coaches has ever undertaken this journey itself, he also knows what he’s talking about with his coachee. Therefore, our mission statement comes:, live the coach ‘

Contents of modular training:

Module 1 – Coaching Fundamentals

Module 2 – coaching dialog

Module 3 – Empowerment

Module 4 – coaching in and with the system

Module 5 – Coaching and change

Module 6 – practice transfer and final testing

Special – Train the Trainer module (extra)

Expiration of six modules, each four days. The total duration of training is approximately 9-11 months. The training location is Murnau and its surroundings.

All information as PDF for download

Dates: Information on 17.06.2015 at 18.00 o’clock

Location: Murnau, Gabriele-Münter-Platz 2


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