Team Coaching beim VfL Potsdam

VfL Potsdam and the JBLH (U20 Handball Bundesliga)

VFL Potsdam

Initial situation

Last year, the qualification for promotion to the highest German league, the U21 Handball Bundesliga was missed. So there was a great expectation on the one hand in the team itself and also from the outside. The squad included many relatively young players (1st year U20). Anyway, all very talented, sometimes even players for the U20 national team. Due to the pressure and the failure in the previous year they had doubts about whether it can be done this time.

Implementation of team coaching

At the beginning of the coaching session there has been a little uncertainty, what is happening here. The focus of the players remained on all the reasons why the qualification could fail.
We started with a keynote speech on the topic ‘Mental Toughness’ and ‘Time for Heroes’. Important was the realization of the power of our thoughts and belief in myself. What does it do to me if I believe in myself, my strengths and the performance of my team. And what difference it makes if I doubt everything.

Motto: My thoughts influence my feelings and these are responsible for the degree of force that I can activate. Rule of thumb:

Positive emotions = A lot of power; Negative emotions = No power

The team could even see and feel in small practical exercises this difference.

Where do I set my focus? And how can I keep this focus? What is mental toughness? It means being able to retrieve automatisms that have been rehearsed a hundred times already in training in the decisive moments. .

Result of the team coaching

For three days the players have completed technical, tactical and mental workouts. The responsible coaches and staff were able to convince them how much the intensity and the quality of training has improved after the coaching.

In the following 3 weeks, the findings and created fundamentals during the training camp in Murnau were further intensified and optimized. In various tournaments, including the internationally known Ulzburg-Cup, the team has shown that they have learned well, the tournaments were all won.

In the decisive qualifying tournament for promotion to the U20 Handball Bundesliga all the work was crowned.

The climb was done! Congratulations, You deserve it!


FAQ’s Team Coaching


Where does a Team Coaching takes place?

I’ve worked in the gym, on the football field, on the golf course, in a conference room or in the great outdoors. Ultimately, the goal to be reached determines the conditions…


How long lasts a team coaching?

That depends, as with a normal coaching, by the complexity of the topic which you want to edit. In business, we expect generally 1-2 days, with 1-2 days Evaluation. In sports, it can be useful to deepen the topics at irregular intervals after a kick-off event.


At what age do you start with team coachings?

The youngest, with whom I have worked so far, was a soccer team, boys 10-12 years old. The beautiful here: The guys do not question everything, but try, are there for good and make it immediately (almost). The trainers make sure that the ‘almost’ becomes less (see MOTUNICATION).


It was really an awesome tournament. Fantastic matches. Never gave up, I’m just saying: the semifinals! Everyone was there for everyone and I think we know who also has a large share. Thanks again to Stefan Sillmann! Now the Bundesliga Quali can come !!! AUFFFII – with Felix Stachowiak and 12 other persons.

from my facebook page (06/2012)

The A-youth grabbed it and plays Bundesliga!

An exciting and intense qualifying weekend is behind us: Five attractive games on each 2×25 min have demanded everything from our guys and all those involved . With victories against Hamburg, Rostock, Berlin and Lübeck, our great team, which has developed excellently in the past weeks and months, made it into the A-Youth Bundesliga!

from the facebook page 1.VfL Potsdam 1990 e.V.

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