The Trainer

The Trainer

Stefan Sillmann - Ich bin Trainer

“Thanks Stefan, that’s practical!”

If I hear this sentence, I have done my job as a coach.

All my training, seminars and workshops are practical. The topics of my own (open) seminars are based on my own life experiences. With my corporate clients, we determine together in the intensive preliminary objectives to be achieved for the seminars and training activities.

From this, I develop each the training methodology and didactics, which are intended exclusively for the results to be achieved and the group of participants.

Main topics

Executives Development

  • The manager as coach of the employee
  • Motivating Communication for Managers


  • The Holistic buying & consulting process
  • Communication in Sales, Consulting and Service

Personality Development

  • Personal and professional success
  • Personal Self and time management
  • Dealing with change

Train the Trainer

  • Methodological and didactic building trainings, lectures and presentations
  • Personal appearance and radiance
  • Rhetoric and language as a speaker and presenter




Where will the training take place?

Data and seminar places for my events can be found on the site: All dates. The seminars and trainings for corporate clients will be held at their premises.


What about the role play?

To be honest, there are only a few people who really like a role play. I think they are important and that’s why I use them also. However, not in the large group, but in small groups with a maximum of 3-4 people.


What about sustainability?

I can only provide impetus in 1 or 2 days and show in small exercises (experience) the effect of models and techniques. My recommendation: Practice, practice, practice. After all good things come to those who wait.


Mit dem Dozenten steht und fällt ein Seminar…!
Mit Herrn Stefan Sillmann konnten wir die Kunst des Coachings erlernen um andere Menschen noch erfolgreicher zu machen. Herr Sillmann hat uns in dieser Seminarreihe wieder einmal begeistert und uns zu ganz neuem Denken angeregt.

Gerhard Treiblmair, Leiter Privatkundenberatung, Vereinigte Sparkassen Weilheim

Stefan Sillmann versteht es sehr gut, auf die Teilnehmer einzugehen und immer wieder zu begeistern. Er lebt, worüber er spricht. Seine Offenheit und Authentizität wirken ansteckend und machen seine Trainings zu einem Erlebnis.  Seine Erfahrung im Investmentbanking macht ihn vor allem auch auf diesem Gebiet zu einem perfekten Trainer.

Stefan Hamberger, Global Head of FX Banks and FX e-commerce Sales, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt

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