The Speaker

Stefan Sillmann - Ich bin Speaker

I am a stage hog!

I can not calm. I tried it again and again. In the moment when I stand in front and can talk about my subjects, I’m talking myself into a rage.

With me it’s all about coaching. It runs like a red thread through all my life, professionally as well as privately. So my lecture topics are so infested. That’s the reason, because I can only talk about what I experienced…

And that’s what …


  • Coaches are the best managers, coaches and even sales reps.
  • In Sport – Mental strength through coaching


  • Motivating communication for managers, coaches, teachers and parents
  • You can not motivate others – but very easy demotivate …

With P.E.P. to success.

  • Unlimited profit potential
  • Zero risk
  • Always available
  • And the best: Tax free!

STAND UP – “Stand up, if you’re Banker”

  • Stop that, ostrich syndrome ‘
  • Responsibility rather than blame
  • Self-confidence without arrogance

Happy in your company to special events or occasions. Just ask for a free appointment!




How did it start?

In a presentation in times of Dresdner Bank. I was to speak at a meeting of nearly 40 international directors on the subject of interest and currency management. I was so nervous that I have read the complete speech while sitting.


How did you then learn it?

I got the best of the best watched and attended courses at these. I have learned techniques and coupled with my personality. I have made myself fit in my subject, which creates security and sovereignty. And then there’s only one thing: DOING.


Where You’ve already spoken?

On internal sales meetings, conferences for executives, kick-off meetings, national and international conferences at home and abroad.


„I have worked with Stefan Sillman on a number of events. As Guest Speaker – he has a unique way to share his vision, ambition and passion to push out the barriers, truly inspirational for clients and colleges.It is rare feedback for any speaker to score so highly and to have an impact on any event. His ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable, and makes him one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speaker with a sense of humor.“

Steffen Berner, Managing Director, Head of FX Banks Sales EMEA, Commerzbank AG, London

 „Der zählbare Erfolg, der sich sehr bald einstellte, übertraf dabei sogar unsere Erwartungen. Praxisorientiert und überzeugend versteht er es, auch die schwierigsten Themen für seine Zuhörer greifbar zu machen.”

Ralf van Rickelen, Bereichsleiter Internationales Geschäft, NATIONAL – Bank AG

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