The Coach

The Coach

Stefan Sillmann - Ich bin Coach

I live the coach.

A good coach effected with the right questions to his coachee a solution-oriented thinking process. This process forms the basis for the achievement of its personal goals.

Coaching is my passion. I live that private, in business and sport. I always try to give my coachee a new look (from a different perspective) to his theme. „I’ve never seen it like this” is one of the best answers I can get. In this case I’ve definitely achieved one of my goals in coaching.

In business I work with executives, Sales Reps. or services. With professional athletes and amateurs in golf, handball and football. And of course with all the others who come to me and ask me for support on the way to their destinations.

Here I coach

Coaching will be held in my rooms in Murnau or at my clients locations. Very good experience I’ve always with my outdoor coaching.

Move & Coach – The Outdoor Coaching

  • During a hike in the Alpine foothills
  • With a slight hike in the Mountains

Golf Coaching – Mental strength on the golf course

  • The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your playing
  • By P.A.R. Model successfully

Sport mental coaching

  • With archery working on the achievement of your goals
  • Team Coaching in the hall or on the football field

Project VfL Potsdam

Here is an example from practice. The Handball youth of VfL Potsdam at the training camp in Murnau. The common goal: qualification to the A-Youth Handball Bundesliga.

About the project

“Mental strength is the ability to retrieve automatism at the crucial moment, which were well-rehearsed in training for precisely this moment!”


FAQ’s about me


Where does coaching take place?

The coachee determines whether the coaching takes place in his local area or in Murnau with me. We then decide together whether we work in-house or choose the option Move & Coach ‘.


How long does the Coaching take?

It depends on the complexity of the issue of the coachee. After an initial orientation meeting there is usually already a good indication.


What is a coaching good for?

Clarity. Force. Consequence. Clarity as to where the coachee wants to be and what it needs for it from him to be there. The force for the implementation arises from the knowledge and recognizing one’s own resources and how he use them. Consequently it needs to implement the plans into action.


Engagiert, immer interessiert und sehr offen, begleitet uns Stefan Sillmann hier bei ValueClick schon seit Jahren– alleine diese Tatsache zeigt schon, wie zufrieden wir mit dieser dauerhaften Zusammenarbeit sind. Besonders sein Programm „Zeit für Helden“ hat uns in 2013 sehr weitergeholfen und von unseren Mitarbeitern ein durchweg sehr positives Feedback erhalten. Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit!

Birgitt Meisel, HR Manager, ValueClick Deutschland GmbH

Bei Stefan Sillmann habe ich eine der intensivsten Selbsterfahrungswochen meiner gesamten Karriere verbracht. Die Selbstmotivation, die ich während des 5-tägigen Move und Coach Programms erfahren habe, war instrumental in der Entwicklung, die ich seither erfahren habe.

Simon Gutbrod, Direktor FX Sales in FIC Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt, Bankfachwirt (BA)

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