I am

Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Ich bin Stefan Sillmann

“I am a curious person!”

If I see or learn something new, I have to try it. In this way I have developed new skills and knowledge over the past 10 years, which in some way are relative to humans and their behaviour. I have been able to adapt relatively quickly certain ways of thinking and / or behaviour patterns. Such behaviour can either hinder a person either or support him/her on the way to achieving their goals. 

My experience as a banker, coach and international trainer is included in all my events. My goal is that each participant takes home something for her- or himself, she or he can implement for themselves on a daily basis.

I like to talk about all this human behaviour topics in coachings, trainings and on stage. The more people hear what I have to say, the better!



How does a banker become a coach?

Very easily. Take a vacation, take money in your hand and undergo training to become a coach. Important: Inform yourself thoroughly, what training suits you! At that time I only felt it when the proper training found myself.


Why is the topic Coaching present everywhere?

The coach-border thinking or the coach attitude form the basis of my work as a trainer, consultant or as Speaker. Once internalized, you discover that this behavior can help in all situations of your life.


Stefan, did you get a certificate?

Sure, a whole drawer full. But, never asked anyone for it. But for my experience and ideas and how implementing these and applying.